About us

M3 Healthcare is part of M3 EU, who also own healthcare communities Doctors.net.uk and M3 Medical, and market research specialists medeConnect and M3 Global Research.

Our aim is to offer a high quality, personalised recruitment experience for all of our candidates with the aim of building an enduring relationship, and an effective, professional, robust solution for our clients.

Candidates can expect one point of contact at M3 Healthcare, and with this means much less of your time is wasted.  We know you and the types of opportunities you'll be interested in.  We know when you want to work, and where.  And we'll do everything we can to make sure your placement is as streamlined as possible, from start to finish.

Clients know that the wealth of experience and knowledge we have derived from being part of the M3 family means we're uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality candidates across a wide range of specialities, grades and professions.  Everything we've put in place throughout the process is designed to make recruitment as pain free as possible, and to ensure M3 Healthcare is always your preferred supplier.

Accredited with the National Clinical Staffing Framework and aligned with Core Skills for Health.